Your Problem

You have made an offer to purchase a home, but you are not entirely sure about the condition. Up to this point, its been very exciting. But now, there's some concern. This whole thing just got very real. That new monthly payment you will be making is significant and you are wondering things like, "what else could cost me money", "have these people been taking care of this house", "when this winter comes will my heating system work?" The list goes on and on...  You are getting ready to move into a new phase of your life, and you don't need any surprises.

Your Solution

Solve the mystery with Gumshoe Home Inspection! The purpose of the inspection is to describe the current condition of the home. We take a very thorough approach as we search for problems, and any concerns are documented into a report which is simple and easy to understand. We do not make your decision for you, but instead paint a clear picture of the condition of the home so you can be more informed about your potential purchase. Part of our service is to remain available for further consultation once you have your report, in the event you would like to discuss any of the findings in more detail. Everything we do is centered around making sure you feel well cared for and well-informed. We do not make a decision about who is supposed to fix any discovered issues, and there may not be any requirements for the seller to fix anything in the home for you. However I am aware that the findings from the inspection often lead to further communications or negotiations pertaining to the sale of the home.

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