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The Challenge

You have made an offer to purchase a home, but you are not entirely sure about the condition. Up to this point, its been very exciting. But now, there's some concern. This whole thing just got very real. That new monthly payment you will be making is significant and you are wondering things like, "what else could cost me money", "have these people been taking care of this house", "when this winter comes will my heating system work?" The list goes on and on...  You are getting ready to move into a new phase of your life, and you don't need any surprises.

Your Solution

Solve the mystery with Gumshoe Home Inspection!


A Gumshoe is an old fashioned slang term for a detective, and I often do feel like I’m solving a murder-mystery. Ok, maybe it’s not that intense… But fact-finding, clue searching, and questioning what’s in front of me are a huge part of the job.


The inspection will be thorough. Everything that takes place on these inspections is centered around making sure you feel well cared for and well-informed.


The process is designed to be efficient. However while there will be periods of very focused inspection, Q & A is also a big part of it.


This is NOT a multi-inspector firm with all kinds of people drifting in and out, or with all kinds of random backgrounds, part-timers, etc. This is a boutique company, run by someone with discipline and experience, both in the construction and inspection industry.


You will receive an inspection report, which will recap the on-site experience. It is loaded with pictures, includes detailed descriptions of any issues discovered, and has lots of FYI’s about the equipment used in the home including recommendations for maintenance.


Part of the service is to remain available for further consultation once you have your report, in the event you would like to discuss it in more detail.

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