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Who Owns This Company?

My name is Joseph Aiello, and I am a licensed MA Home Inspector, #773.


I have been self-employed for much of my life, and I believe that adding value to people’s lives is the secret pathway to success. 


I was born into a family of tradesmen & contractors, and I have been assisting on construction sites as far back as I can remember (literally since I was in grade school). Now, I get to inspect the same types of projects which I was responsible for completing as a general home improvement contractor for so many years. 

I attended high school at Newman Prep in Back Bay Boston, and earned a B.S from Salem State University. I have achieved ACI status, which is the highest level within the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).


A.S.H.I. was founded in 1976, and is the nation's oldest and most respected professional organization of Home Inspectors. I now hold a position of Director on the Board of ASHI NE where I have the privilege of sitting side-by-side with some of the best inspectors in New England, as we strive to make our chapter of this wonderful organization the best it can possibly be.

On a personal and professional level I believe one should always be growing, learning, and expanding, and I have built my company around this philosophy.

If you would like to schedule an inspection or get more info about how I may help you, feel free to contact me by text, email or phone.



(617) 797-6578  


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