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Do you mind if I tag-along during the inspection?


-Not only is it okay, but it's recommended. While the inspection report is very detailed and includes pictures, being there for the inspection gives you another opportunity to view the home and ask deeper questions about any findings as they come up. Many people only view the home once at an open house prior to making offer, and being there on inspection day offers a much more intimate setting to get acquainted with the home.



What happens if I cannot make the inspection, say if I have to work or I'm traveling? 


-I do have many clients who are not able to attend due to other obligations. Not to worry. You will be delivered a same-day PDF report with all of the findings from the inspection, including color photos. Additionally, I always make myself available for follow-up questions should you need to speak further about the findings. You will have as many follow-up emails, texts, or phone conversations as needed to feel comfortable moving forward with your purchase. 



If you find something which needs to be repaired, do you re-visit the property to make sure it was fixed correctly before I buy it?


My primary role as an Inspector is to describe what I see on the day of the inspection, which typically does not include multiple visits. Occasionally however I am asked to re-visit the property to "check up" on something. I may do this upon request, but there will be an additional charge for any re-visits. Any needed repairs should always be made by a qualified professional in that particular field (ex: a plumber repairs a boiler, HVAC contractor repairs a furnace). As a generalist, I do not attempt to supervise the work of anyone who has a specific license which I do not. I have a MA Home Inspector license which qualifies me to do specific things, and I stick to my field of expertise. Occasionally we find situations where there are areas or items which could not be evaluated such as rooms which were locked, equipment which could not be tested due to utilities being off. In this case, you may wish to schedule a return visit by me to check what was initially not accessible or operational.


Should I have my contractor, plumber, or electrician attend as well?


-All are certainly welcome to attend, however the Inspection is designed to save you the expense of having to needlessly hire other contractors. If any issues become apparent with the home however, I would then make a recommendation for you to consult an expert in the relevant field to provide an estimate to fix the issue. Always get cost estimates up front, so you know what you are getting into. A home inspector is prohibited from giving out estimates for repairs in MA, per Standards of Practice. 


Is the seller required to fix any of the issues found during the inspection?


Not necessarily. The purpose of the inspection is to describe the condition of the home so you can make an informed buying decision. The seller is not required to do anything, however I am aware that often times the findings from the inspection lead to further negotiations over the sale. Every transaction is different, and I do not get involved in any negotiations. There is also no Pass/Fail type grade given to the home. We simply evaluate the various items and areas, have conversations about the condition, and record our findings into your inspection report. There are too many personal variables involved when buying a home for an Inspector to advise a client on whether or not they should buy the home.

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